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Poppy Champlin sand up comedian has been featured on Oprah
Poppy Champlin sand up comedian has been featured on Comics Unleashed
Poppy Champlin sand up comedian has been featured on Entertainment Tonight
Poppy Champlin sand up comedian has been featured on HBO
Poppy Champlin sand up comedian has been featured on Showtime
Poppy Champlin sand up comedian has been featured on MTV
Poppy Champlin sand up comedian was chosen funniest real woman on Joan Rivers show

Tour Dates   2022

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May 12th -  The Pumphouse music Works

May 21st - Pumphouse benfit for food bank

May 26-29th The Post Office Cabaret

June 4th   Comedy Class starts

June 5th - Syracuse Funnybone Q3

June 9th - Open Mic Pumphouse music works

June 11th   The Milton Theatre Q3




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Champlin is one of the quickest witted comedians working either coast today. Besides Poppy’s deep comedic chops, she has a good voice that she puts to use during each performance. She erupts onto the stage, fearless, upbeat and energetic spitting out jokes, quips, songs, impressions and even birdcalls. Poppy’s’ shows can be described as spin art – “No two alike.”

A graduate from the University of Rhode Island with a BFA in Theatre, she went to the Famed Chicago Second City Training Center and from there Tinsel town. Once in LA, Poppy continued to perform stand-up as well as study acting at the Larry Moss studios and has since put up her critically acclaimed One Woman Show, "A Chocolate Sandwich.” Most recently Poppy had a featured role in BABE a Musical at the National Women’s Music Festival as well as “Titanic The Musical” at the Courthouse Center for The Performing Arts in Kingston R.I., where she currently teaches a stand-up comedy class. “Poppy was a freakin’ ball of comedic thunder,” says one fan “The best comedian I have seen since Whoopi Goldberg,” says another. Her stand-up pedigree is extensive: from being the winner of America’s Funniest Real Woman on The Joan Rivers Show, then featured on Entertainment Tonight. Her television appearances include Showtime, LOGO, Comics Unleashed, Comedy Central, VH-1, HBO and Oprah. Poppy has opened for such comics as Ray Ramano, Denis Leary, Bill Maher, Bill Hicks and Rosie O’Donnell. Her club appearances are many ranging from Gotham Comedy Club in NYC the Comedy Cellar and The Improvs, Laugh Factory and all in between. Poppy also is a regular on Olivia cruises and in Provincetown. She was a staff writer for Fox’s Show Me The Funny, in Hollywood California.
She wrote, starred in and produced, her character driven comedy pilot called News you Can't Use, think Tracy Ulman takes on the News. Poppy has an appearance on “All Aboard Rosie’s Family Vacation” made into an Emmy nominated HBO documentary. She is a producer of her own tour called, The Queer Queens of Qomedy, now in it's twelfth year. She travels all over the country with this tour. She performed for over 25.000 people in the closing ceremonies of the Gay Games in Chicago. She has performed for troops in both Japan and Korea. She was invited to perform in South Africa, at The Cape Town Comedy Festival. Poppy’s observational style of humor tackles tough subjects with ease. In this comedienne’s hands we can laugh at life’s most formidable perils... and laughter that ravages fear is the best kind of all. Now residing in Rhode she tours and teaches a stand-up comedy class at The Courthouse Center for the Arts.


Poppy teaches comedy

Learn the art of stand-up comedy 

performance and writing! 

Poppy teaches a Stand UP Comedy Class

at The Pumphouse Music Works 

in Peacedale Rhode Island

1464 Kingstown Road,

Peacedale, RI. 02879



June 4th 2022  

      6 Saturdays 12pm-2pm     


6 week class $300.00

only 8 
spots per


Listen to me every other Saturday on

with Tara Devlin

On the show we talk about Trump and his cronies ruining the world. We talk about Tara and her depression because of Trump and his cronies ruining the world...

I try to look on the brighter side of things while she is on the dark side.

Tarabuster with Tara Devlin


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